Log homes, What do I have to look out for ?

Submitted by Buck ..in Germany on 8/8/06 at 3:52 PM. ( michael.rodgers@web.de )

Man O Man, would I like to build a log home house on a lake,but what do I have to look out for ! ? any tipps would be great!

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This response submitted by Dr.Z on 8/8/06 at 3:56 PM. ( )

Log homes are difficult to keep clean and insect free.Use logs from dead staning timber to reduc settling. A really big problem

I just read aboout the dead timber thing..

This response submitted by Buck on 8/8/06 at 4:03 PM. ( michael.rodgers@web.de )

The firm is located far away from Wis, not that it matters . They can truck the logs on site. Anything else ?


This response submitted by Becky P on 8/8/06 at 4:27 PM. ( )

getting our logs from Satterwhite Log Homes in Longview, Texas. Their's are standing dead, Engelman spruce and Lodgepole pine. Very nice people to deal with. They have kits, but we are just getting the logs and trusses from them. BP

What's the price per Ft. ?

This response submitted by Buck on 8/8/06 at 4:29 PM. ( michael.rodgers@web.de )

Can you E-mail it to me ?
Thanks ! Buck...


This response submitted by Becky P on 8/8/06 at 4:44 PM. ( )

you have mail.

Keeping them up

This response submitted by Eric on 8/8/06 at 4:46 PM. ( talk2ericnc@aol.com )

can be a big job depending on the weather and product you use on your log home. I love ours but you can plan on cleaning/striping old stain off and staining every 5 to 7 years. Plus, I would suggest going with long overhangs to protect the logs and stain from the sun and weather. I would also rinse your home off each spring and fall and keep the dirt off of it. This will aid in stain life by not letting the dirt on the logs to draw moisture and holding it onto the log causing mold and mildew growth. You will find if you do your log homes finish will look and last much longer! The bugs are a true statement! We have an Old Virginia Log home that is hand hewed and we really like it! There are a lot of log companies out there so be careful! I have heard of some real horror stories!

We LOVE ours

This response submitted by Crusty on 8/8/06 at 4:48 PM. ( )

Buck! And on a lake too! Ours was already built, but not many things I would've done different. But one thing, plan your wiring well...

While we are on the subject,

This response submitted by Becky P on 8/8/06 at 4:54 PM. ( )

we are going to have a 6' porch all the way around to help protect the logs. But we are a little undecided as to which brand sealer/stain to use. We were going to go with Sikkens, but we're now leaning towards Perma-Chink. Anyone used either of these products, or can suggest a good one?
Cecil, what did you use on yours? I really like the finish/color on it.

Got to use a LONG drill bit !

This response submitted by Buck on 8/8/06 at 4:55 PM. ( michael.rodgers@web.de )

Wiring has to be a real pain in the butt, if you want to have a cable like , for the computer or somethin like that. I hate lookin at cables and if I look under the computer table ! Geez !

Sikkens is good But $

This response submitted by Buck on 8/8/06 at 5:02 PM. ( michael.rodgers@web.de )

Becky, thanks, just looked at the site and saved it for future ref's.
Cecil what do you use ?


This response submitted by Crusty on 8/8/06 at 5:09 PM. ( )

is the STUFF! Swear by it for Alaskan conditions. Expensive, but worth every penny!

One thing about

This response submitted by Becky P on 8/8/06 at 5:11 PM. ( )

Sikkens, I can get it here - no shipping. Anything else will have to be shipped. BP

Looks like the D is the best for flat walls

This response submitted by Buck on 8/8/06 at 5:11 PM. ( michael.rodgers@web.de )

R-value has to be OK, I would think that yoou folks down south don't need to think about that too much. I was thinkin around Wis,or UP,get's real cold in cheezhead country ! Carryover heet,must be a factor, once the house is warm,I'd think she'll stay warm for some time.

Hi Crusty, E-Mail the Timberflex Info,Please

This response submitted by Buck on 8/8/06 at 5:16 PM. ( michael.rodgers@web.de )

If it's not too much of a problem, I'd be grateful.


This response submitted by Becky P on 8/8/06 at 5:21 PM. ( fishon869@aol.com )

I'd like that info too. Never heard of Timberflex. Thanks! BP


This response submitted by Crusty on 8/8/06 at 5:30 PM. ( )

alrighty then!

Buck & Becky

This response submitted by Crusty on 8/8/06 at 5:46 PM. ( )

you've got mail!

Thanks Crusty

This response submitted by Becky P on 8/8/06 at 5:56 PM. ( )


Thank you Crusty !

This response submitted by Buck on 8/8/06 at 6:02 PM. ( michael.rodgers@web.de )

Crusty, thank you sir !

My pleasure

This response submitted by Crusty on 8/8/06 at 6:30 PM. ( )

to be of service! TC

I use a stain developed by a chemist

This response submitted by Cecil on 8/8/06 at 7:48 PM. ( )

just down the street from Mohammed Ali in Berrien Springs, Michigan. I can get the contact info if anyone is interested. It protects the log but allows it to breath at the same time. Believe it or not it's water base.

Things to be aware of with logs homes:

1.) More maintenance than conventional homes.
2.) Big overhangs important to protect logs.
3.) Carpenter bees love them you may have insects coming in inititally.
4.) Allowing for settling a must!
5.) Do your wiring drilling etc. as you stack the logs.
6.) If you use a contractor use an experienced one!
7.) More expensive than conventional homes.
8.) Be aware there are different ways to secure the logs.
9.)Do your homework researching different companies

My wife researches everything before she buys something. We got a bunch of log home magazines and ordered brochures from different companies etc. We settled on 10 inch green pine logs from a company called BeaverLog Home systems. The representative is located in Beloit, Wisconsin but the logs came from the Cheboygan area of Michigan.

We settled on this company because we wanted larger logs than the cedar logs. We also liked the price and the way the logs fastened together. The beaver logs home systems logs have a bolt from the sill plate to the top that you tighten the bottom nut on as the logs settle.

Here's my log home we built in 1994. The garage is not logs.


Using logs from standing dead timber is

This response submitted by Cecil on 8/8/06 at 7:50 PM. ( )

not necessarily the way to go. I do seem to remember there are some negatives to that.


This response submitted by Crusty on 8/8/06 at 8:16 PM. ( )

do your homework! There's almost as many ways to build a log house as there are companies that do it. There are several good magazines and countless books to research. All the "log people" I know swear by the Timberflex coatings. Permachink makes a very good caulk/chink product. Cecil made some very good points on his post.


This response submitted by Randy M. on 8/8/06 at 9:02 PM. ( )

We have thousands here in Montana and they look great! Maintenance is HIGH! Learn how to CHINK! Logs will still expand and contract with seasons as well as large checks and cracks can and will develop. Chinking corners and seams will be a regular maintenance project. You will think you have every joint chinked and wonder how the HELL are all these insects getting in the house. Dusting is a chore also on the inside logs...but LOG CABINS do LOOK COOL!

I was almost scared away of building a log home

This response submitted by Cecil on 8/8/06 at 10:16 PM. ( )

Why? I went to a convention of log home dealers and builders with my contractor. When all the dealers and builders were in front of the room for questions and answers, someone asked a stupid question. "How many of you live in a log home of your own?

Not one did!


This response submitted by Becky P on 8/8/06 at 10:37 PM. ( fishon869@aol.com )

That's one of the reason's we are going with Satterwhite, most of the salespeople there have log homes. The salesman we're dealing with did some remodeling on his after several years, he said he had very, very little settling (standing dead timber). But as you said, standing dead,air-dried, kiln-dried, or green logs ALL have advantages and disadvantages.
Since I asked you awhile back about your house, I have spoke to many log home owners, and all of them absolutely love their home. I've also talked with people that went through the same company we are, along with watching the progrees of one being built a few miles from here.
As far as cost goes, I think it all depends on many factors. We are building ours ourself. If we contracted just the shell, it would more than double the cost of materials.
The Perma-Chink brand sealer is also water-based. That's why we were leaning towards it, more environmently friendly, less health hazards.
But we are open to any suggestions, and want to find out about as many as we can. Can you please send me some info on what you use? Thanks.

Good morning, thanks for the info at the top Buck..

This response submitted by Buck on 8/9/06 at 3:42 AM. ( michael.rodgers@web.de )

Feel better about a log home now that I have the Pro's & Con's ,guess it's like everything, compare and shop around for the contractor who gives you the better deal..
Got to pack my fishin gear, Cecil,..got your eyes done, bring them over on the plane.


This response submitted by Cecil on 8/9/06 at 8:11 AM. ( )

Sounds like you are doing your homework which is smart. Here's who I use for my stain. Keep in mind I really like it but my dad who lives on my property with me does not like it. Of course he likes Thompson's water sealer and I thing that stuff is junk.

McDaniel Enterprises (Dean McDaniel)
4739 Cherry Street
Berrien Springs, MI 49103-1438
(269) 471-2966


This response submitted by Becky P on 8/9/06 at 9:48 AM. ( )


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