OPERATION CAT TALE: United States v. Isis Society

Submitted by KIM (LMAO) on 8/9/06 at 10:49 AM. ( )

This is wild! Go here for the complete story:


United States v. Isis Society For Inspirational Studies, Inc., a/k/a the "Temple of Isis"

The Isis Society for Inspirational Studies, also known as the "Temple of Isis," is a California corporation located in Geyserville, California. The Temple of Isis is charged with conspiring to violate the Endangered Species Act through the illegal sale of six ocelots to purchasers in Texas, Florida, Oregon and Minnesota. Throughout the course of the conspiracy, the Information alleges, the Temple of Isis agreed with ocelot purchasers to mischaracterize the sale of ocelots as "donations," and to mischaracterize the payments for these ocelots as "contributions" to charitable organizations affiliated with the defendant, including the "Temple of Isis" and the "Isis Oasis Sanctuary." The purchasers falsified federal forms to maintain the "donation" cover story.

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