floor base for elk pedestal

Submitted by Steven on 8/10/06 at 12:29 PM. ( )

I know this is not the right category for this question, but no one will answer it elsewhere. I have a 400 class b&c elk pedestal for a client. The floor base is going to be an wood octagon style base. Do I need to put some kind of extra weighting on the base to keep it from tipping over? It seems like the antlers, form, and cape will be a lot of weight for that base. If someone cold give me some insight it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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This response submitted by Grafton on 8/10/06 at 12:53 PM. ( )

think if the base would tip over then it is undersized for the mount. I do not like a pedistal that looks too top heavy. If you like that look you may have to add weight to the base. There are a number of ways to do that.

I did one

This response submitted by curtis on 8/10/06 at 1:22 PM. ( )

I did a 380 bull on a octagon pedestal made of oak. The demensions were the same as a stop sign on the top and bottom. It supported the bull just fine. I used two 3/4 inch lags running from the bottom of the the form. I made the top of the octogon so it could be taken on and off. Yours should be fine just make sure pedestal has a wide enough support base.

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