Feed RECALL due to Mammalian Protein

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Big GREEDY business gets caught again! No wonder we have issues on BSE and CWD!

Huge Feed Recall Due To Mammalian Protein

By Pete Hisey

The Food and Drug Administration announced two recalls, one for 27 million pounds of feed produced in Michigan and the other an unknown amount of feed produced in Kentucky. Both were suspected of being adulterated with ruminant or mammalian protein, including ruminant meat and bone meal in the second recall.

Vita Plus Corp., Gagetown, Mich., has recalled 27,694,240 pounds of dairy feed produced between February of 2005 and June 16, 2006, because it is believed it was contaminated with mammalian protein. The feed was distributed in Michigan and the recall is complete.

Burkmann Feeds LLC, Glasgow, Ky., has recalled an unknown amount of custom feed because it contains an ingredient called Pro-Lak, which may contain ruminant-derived meat and bone meal. The Burkmann feed was distributed in Kentucky.

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