Local Links to Terrorist Arrests

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Local Links to Terrorist Arrests
Posted 8/10/2006 06:12 PM

Story by Sarah Kapis

The Washington County Sheriffs Department in Ohio has arrested two men for their involvement in what police say could be aiding terrorists, and one man linked to them could have been doing the same in Taylor County.

Last week, the Grafton police pulled over 24-year-old Hashem Sayed for a routine traffic stop. But what they found in his car was far from routine. Patrolman Daniel Laymon recalls the scene, "There were multiple cell phones, roughly 150 to 200 cell phones from multiple retailers," he said.

Buying that many pre-paid phones is not a crime, but the police say it is unusual.

Less than a week later, the authorities in Marietta, Ohio, arrested 20-year-old Osma Sabhi Abulhassan and 20-year-old Ali Houssaiky. Washington County Sheriffs deputies seized several pre-paid cell phones and thousands of dollars in cash. Because of the incidents, Grafton police believe the events are connected.

"The department feels that there are a lot of similar circumstances and there are a lot of similarities between the activity there and the activity experienced here," said Patrolman Laymon.

The activity seems to be more than just a coincidence. All three men are from Dearborn, Michigan and all three gave similar reasons for buying the phones. Sayed said he was buying them to ship to California to sell for a profit. But Washington County's sheriff says that may not be the whole truth. "They are digital for detonating car bombs and they have a particular digital frequency and that's what they're using them for," said Sheriff Larry Mincks.

Mincks says the men also had instructions on how to obtain private flights and airplane passenger information.

"It also had some information concerning airport security and check points."

He says the two men apprehended in Ohio are linked to another man who is being investigated for possible terrorism. Now, police across the state have a warning for residents.

"Not that it's a crime," said Grafton Police Chief, Robert Beltner. "But we can check into it to make sure nothing illegal is going to take place with those phones."

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I'm surprised Cecil isnt defending these guys...

This response submitted by charles on 8/12/06 at 9:58 AM. ( )

ususally he dusts off his version of the constituion and defends these people (muslims) tooth and nail. The actions are extremely suspicious but then we are a forgiving nation and tend to see the long term through rose-colored glasses. But yes, they are innocent till proven guilty so lets see how this all plays out.

Here is ANOTHER one for you

This response submitted by GG on 8/12/06 at 11:41 AM. ( )

Here is ANOTHER one for you. What about the Drug runner at got shot by the Border patrol ,, The drug runner is out of jail free as a bird and the guys that shot him because he was RUNNING from them are in Jail and are getting sued for I think 5 Million bucks . They say we are trying to keep drugs from getting into the USA but if the drug runners run a stop sign or try to speed away the border patrol have to Call into there boss to see if they can chase them . The border patrol should be able to have guns blazing if someone is trying to run from them. That would keep the borders a bit tighter I would think. Heck If I was on the south side of the line and KNEW I could be shot for running I would Drop and play dead and NOT run. Talk about a lot of BS if you ask me. This was just on CNN the other day.

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