Submitted by D.J.H. on 8/12/06 at 11:51 AM. ( )

This response submitted by D.J.H. on 8/12/06 at 11:45 AM. ( )
I have been watching and reading your posts on here for several weeks now. And quite frankly I am starting to cringe when I see you have posted another message. I am a christian who loves the Lord and am as excited as the next true believer to spread the Gospel message. However yours has lost it's effectiveness. You are long winded and the message of hope and freedom in the loving arms of our saviour Jesus is getting lost in all the other clutter. Don,t tell them they are going to hell, tell them of the love that can be found in a life with Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit will do the rest. God's love to you all.

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You tell them

This response submitted by ALEX ,SR on 8/12/06 at 4:03 PM. ( )

What God told you to tell them and I will tell them what he told me to tell them, How is that.

If you want to tell Mockers of the love of God, which they have been told for years and yet they mock God, they also need to hear what happens to mockers.


This response submitted by Randy M. on 8/12/06 at 7:57 PM. ( )

You remind me of the Southern/Primitive Baptist I grew up with in the 50's in Georgia. My family was Southern Baptist and my memories as a child was fire & brimstone and screaming from our Pastor of burning in HELL. This was not pleasant to me and really turned me off to organized Religion...along with passing the plate every 10 minutes.

I will be

This response submitted by Alex Sr on 8/12/06 at 10:03 PM. ( )

Setting up a donation link for you, He he he.

You were not turned off by the preacher, you were taken by Satan and the pleasures of the flesh.


This response submitted by .. on 8/13/06 at 2:23 PM. ( )

You do way more harm than good...

He he he

This response submitted by Alex Sr on 8/13/06 at 10:29 PM. ( )

To the devil you mean ,right ?

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