Impeachment Or World War III?

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Impeachment Or World War III?
By Ted Lang
Exclusive to

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Hezbollah has gained immensely in strength and resolve as a result of the current unprovoked and unjustified carnage planned and executed by Israel against a peaceful Lebanon. These horrific war crimes perpetrated by Bush USA and Israel, two of the axis-of-evil nations, were supplemented by the distraction provided by the third AOE nation in manufacturing yet another phony false-flag terrorist plot. I didn't even bother to familiarize myself with the long array of descriptive details, which as of yet haven't even been invented. I trust nothing either my government or the governments of the other two criminal nations have to say through their harlots in the "American" MSM.

I am an American, but I hate my government for not only doing nothing to stop the totally unnecessary slaughter of innocent and unarmed men, women, children, the aged and the infirmed in Lebanon, but for encouraging, aiding and abetting the holocaust as well in supplying additional precision weaponry to carry out the mass murders. Bush may be heavily guarded and feel secure in his bunkers in Crawford and Washington, but he's got an unavoidable rendezvous with some serious reckoning. And the sooner this serious reckoning takes place, the better for all Mankind. Bush must be impeached immediately. If this doesn't happen, we will assuredly be irreversibly enmeshed in Bush, Israel and Great Britain's plot to ignite World War III and to launch the New World Order global government.

To facilitate impeachment, and to bring the Bush crime and war machine to a halt, the American political environment must now be inundated with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. "Politics-as-usual" or PAU will be the prescription to bring about the most horrendous conditions in America since those early dark days of the American Revolution, when the impending crushing force of the world's most powerful nation, Great Britain, was about to be unleashed on the people of the American colonies...

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This is funny

This response submitted by R.L. on 8/16/06 at 1:14 PM. ( )

current unprovoked and unjustified carnage planned and executed by Israel against a peaceful Lebanon... Yea...

Who sent this guy to school, Hezbollah ? He sure likes Lebanon.

How did this war start? let me see...

Hey, if Cuba sent rockets to the U.S. and killed good folks back in the 60's would we respond in kind? just a thought...

Anti USA cut and paste BS

This response submitted by Jim Marsico on 8/16/06 at 1:37 PM. ( )

"but I hate my government" nice. Kim, Is Ted Lang a writer for The Watchtower? Just asking friendly like. Ted should just dig a hole and hide his head in it; sunny side up showing!

Jim, Your not being nice! Remember?

This response submitted by KIM on 8/16/06 at 1:47 PM. ( )

Jim, please be nice and stop causing trouble!


This response submitted by Jim Marsico on 8/16/06 at 3:31 PM. ( )

then stop cut and pasting anti USA BS messages and asking for responses. Deal? Impeachment Or World War III? sounds like a question to me and the article reads like anti USA government end of the world fear crap.

Jim, Calm down! Over 60 is getting too old for these...

This response submitted by KIM (Having fun Jim) on 8/16/06 at 4:16 PM. ( )

...fits of yours. Be good and lay down in the corner of the room. I will ask someone to bring your water and food dish over to you later this evening. Keep the choke chain on this time. LOL

Hell, why not just have some JWs knock on your door and talk to you about GOD? (I could not resist that last comment.)

Stay out of trouble...KIM

I am not over 60

This response submitted by Jim Marsico on 8/16/06 at 4:32 PM. ( )

but I am closing in on it. I have a sign on my front door "I will shoot to kill the 2nd JWs that come by, the first ones just left; I only wounded them." Its hanging next to my statue of the Virgin Mary. So no deal? OK with me.

You don't want the WATCHTOWER and AWAKE ...

This response submitted by KIM (LMAO) on 8/16/06 at 4:41 PM. ( )

...magazines? Shoot somebody? Now is that a nice thing to do? LOL

You mean you would shoot me if I knocked on your door and asked "if you heard the word of GOD lately?"...EVEN if I had a fishing pole in my hand and were dressed as such to go fishing?...That would be just plain old mean! LMAO--KIM

Ok, your an exception

This response submitted by Jim Marsico on 8/16/06 at 5:09 PM. ( )

but I think I just might have to put duck tape over your mouth. Come on up.

I was just wondering, if you did shoot me...

This response submitted by KIM (LMAO) on 8/16/06 at 5:39 PM. ( )

...would you use a rifle, shotgun or handgun? Shotguns are way too messy but very effective. Rifle is a bit much and a handgun could be just as bad as a rifle.-- Depending on the caliber and load used.

On bullet selction, please don't use any mushrooming bullets. I would much prefer a solid non-expanding load. That way, HOPEFULLY, if no vital organs were hit; I might have a better chance for survival. Maybe just a flesh wound...between friends, of course?

Thanks for your consideration. KIM LOL

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