hybrid mutant of something *** Please read this

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Residents are wondering if an animal found dead over the weekend may be the mysterious creature that has mauled dogs, frightened residents and been the subject of local legend for half a generation.
The animal was found near power lines along Route 4 on Saturday, apparently struck by a car while chasing a cat. The carcass was photographed and inspected by several people who live in the area, but nobody is sure exactly what it is.

Michelle O'Donnell of Turner spotted the animal near her yard about a week before it was killed. She called it a "hybrid mutant of something."

"It was evil, evil looking. And it had a horrible stench I will never forget," she told the Sun Journal of Lewiston. "We locked eyes for a few seconds and then it took off. I've lived in Maine my whole life and I've never seen anything like it."

For the past 15 years, residents across Androscoggin County have reported seeing and hearing a mysterious animal with chilling monstrous cries and eyes that glow in the night. The animal has been blamed for attacking and killing a Doberman pinscher and a Rottweiler the past couple of years.

People from Litchfield, Sabattus, Greene, Turner, Lewiston and Auburn have come forward to speak of a mystery monster that roams the woods. Nobody knows for sure what it is, and theories have ranged from a hyena or dingo to a fisher or coydog, an offspring of a coyote and a wild dog.

Now, people are asking if the mystery beast and the animal killed over the weekend are one and the same.

Wildlife officials and animal control officers declined to go to Turner to examine the remains. By Tuesday, the carcass had been picked clean by vultures and there was not much left of the dead animal.

Loren Coleman, a Portland author and cryptozoologist, said it's unlikely that the animal was anybody's pet.

After reviewing photos of the carcass, Coleman said he was bothered by the animal's ears and snout. It reminded him of a case years ago in northern Maine in which an animal shot by a hunter could not be identified. In the end, wildlife officials got a DNA analysis that showed the animal was a rare wolf-dog hybrid, he said.

Mike O'Donnell, who is married to Michelle O'Donnell, said the animal looked "half-rodent, half-dog" to him.

It was charcoal gray, weighed between 40 and 50 pounds and had a bushy tail, a short snout, short ears and curled fangs hanging over its lips, he said. It looked like "something out of a Stephen King story."

"This is something I've never seen before. It's an evil-looking thing," he said.

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Good grief this is so easy

This response submitted by mike on 8/17/06 at 8:43 AM. ( taxidermy@mwt.net )

This is probably a hodag, common to northern wisconsin, they have been expanding there range for years. I seen one in the yard just the other night, coming out of the white pines, they prefer white pine forests. Just google hodag and you find all kinds of info on this creature.

Strange ain't it

This response submitted by Evelyn on 8/17/06 at 9:34 AM. ( )

that you would have such a "mysterious looking creature" laying on the pavement, yet nobody has the sense to pick it up and put it in the freezer for scientist to inspect it. No, they rather let it decay and the buzzard pick it clean. Hm, yep, definitely a case of wolfman syndrome.

Hardly a "hodag"

This response submitted by George on 8/17/06 at 9:49 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )


At first I'm thinking Gulark

This response submitted by Dr.Z on 8/17/06 at 10:14 AM. ( )

Iv'e chased gularks many times wih my hounds.Sometimes for a couple days.Iv'e never actually seen one but when I have a mystery chase with the dogs I figure it must be a gulark.After looking at the photos I'm thinking chow shepherd cross.


This response submitted by mike on 8/17/06 at 10:19 AM. ( )

Looks to me from the photo that it's a young hodag. There is so few pictures of hodags that it's hard to carry on a healthy argument, it's like ufos in the north woods, everbody has seen them, but no quality pictures.

LOL Mike, tough to argue with that

This response submitted by George on 8/17/06 at 11:10 AM. ( )

If there's no evidence of one existing and someone actually finds one, I guess it's impossible to discount what you have might BE one, huh? As Evelyn stated, this was just pure ignorance and stupidity at play. That picture is quite intriguing with the wooly hair, black eyes and all. But the strangest part was the back lip area, much like a mastiff and the front incisors that almost looked like horse teeth.. If you read my book, we have Wampus to deal with down South. But there is a reference to wampus in the dictionary unlike the hodag or the gulark. Muss be a wampus then.


This response submitted by mike on 8/17/06 at 11:33 AM. ( )

I don't know the wampus cat is half cat half woman, the photo is k-9 in appearance. (-:


This response submitted by Becky P on 8/17/06 at 12:31 PM. ( )

I saw something stranger than that near my house, not once, but twice.
The second time, I made sure someone else saw it also, my husband. He thought it was so strange he woke our son up to take a look. Couldn't shoot it because it was standing in front of a propane tank. I'm sure it was a dog or dog-cross but with exactly what I'm not sure. It barked like a little tiny dog, but it was almost the size of a great dane. It was almost hairless, probably had mange, but it's head was huge and it's eyes were an odd color. It was probably harmless, but I dang sure wasn't going to try to pet it to find out. LOL
That "mutant" in Maine looks like a chow cross to me. And, why in the world would someone just leave it there? Looks like the authorities would at least be somewhat interested in it. Yep, George, it must be one of those wampus', they just don't want to "prove" they exist. LOL

There you go it's what I've always said,

This response submitted by mike on 8/17/06 at 1:20 PM. ( )

it's a conspiracy, bad pics decomposing carcasses it's so "they" can keep us all in the dark. If these creatures were confirmed the tourism industry would be adversely affected.

It is

This response submitted by alex on 8/17/06 at 8:49 PM. ( )

Big foot's pet or Cecil"s lmao

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