Terrorists are like children

Submitted by oldshaver on 8/18/06 at 9:17 PM. ( )

You keep threatening punishment,for being bad, and do nothing, they think your full of hot air, and keep doing the bad things. Employees are the same way. John, you keep being late, and you will take a cut in pay. John keeps being late, and nothing is done. What does John think? I can keep being late, and nothing is going to happen! That is why we are in Iraq, Cecil, because no one has done anything for the last 25 years in response to terrorism. How many Americans died before 9-11, due to terrorism? Saddam had a whole year to comply with the agreement he signed, and did nothing but thumb his nose at the UN. Finally someone took action, and you folks want to call him a liar, because he did what should have been done 10 years earlier? If Clinton was doing this, you would support his actions. We still have troops scattered around the world from Clintons hand slaps, nearly a decade later! Lets not forget Somalia! Clinton embarrased the whole country a second time, with that cluster, you know what. We all know what the first embarassment was! Our President might not be the best, there ever was, but at least he is honest, and means what he says.

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This response submitted by Gunny on 8/18/06 at 9:23 PM. ( )


i agree

This response submitted by lee on 8/18/06 at 9:45 PM. ( )

well put oldshaver!

I could blow this out of the water Ol' Shaver

This response submitted by Cecil on 8/18/06 at 10:20 PM. ( )

but it's been a long day. Let's just say many of this country's troubles are due to our own meddling that comes back to bite us in the butt. Not excusing terrorists, but for every action there is a reaction and it couldn't be more true with bad foreign policy.

Dear Gunny...

This response submitted by Dennis on 8/19/06 at 12:00 AM. ( )

I agree with you. Let me join in..HaHaHa Oh ...Ha Ha Ha Ha ...Yeeeeoooooow...Ha ha ha Ha HA ha HAHA!


This response submitted by Ken on 8/19/06 at 12:42 AM. ( fishwork2005@yahoo.com )

So what your saying Cecil, is that Bushs full 8 months (on the job at the time of 9/11) of "bad foreign policy" instigated the 9/11 attacks and that Saddams 13 years of defiance was due to the same?
Your funny, dude.

No Ken

This response submitted by Cecil on 8/19/06 at 10:41 PM. ( )

it goes back much farther than that. I never mentioned Bush did I? Our involvement goes back much farther. We supported dictators in the region if we thought it was in our best interest and supplied arms.

E.g. Iran has plenty of reasons to hate us.

1.) We propped up the Shah of Iran that was a cruel dictator.

2.) Our CIA trained his secret police in torture practices.

3.) We supplied Sadam with munitions and chemical weapons when he was at war with Iran.

4.) We not only support Israel (I dont' have a problem with that) but we look the other way when Israel violates U.N. resolutions which breeds hostilty toward us in the eyes of Arabs and Persians.

That's only Iran. It goes on and on. There are reasons regarding Saudi Arabia that made Al Queda want to attack us.

Of course invading Iraq made things even worse.

The British really started this whole mess by partitioning off parts of the Middles East without and regard to the natives.

All are Clueless

This response submitted by BOB on 8/21/06 at 11:33 AM. ( )

This is a war of Relgins, If you believe in God a "Christian" they want you dead. The Constatution of the US gives us freedom of religion that has been changed over the last 200 years. Do you think our founding fathers would let this go on and be protected under our constatution? Kill them ALL and let God sort them out! The problems we have today are the result of the Roman Cathlic church not the US forgen pollocy.

Bob seen Elvis lately?

This response submitted by Cecil on 8/22/06 at 9:38 PM. ( )

Was he wearing a tin foil hat too? Catholics?

Sorry Bob but our forefathers would have tar and feathered you.

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