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Global warming, 'cane link still unclear
WASHINGTON, Aug. 20 (UPI) -- Everyone talks about the weather, but U.S. scientists are still studying ways to settle the debate about global warming and hurricanes.

There still isn't a consensus whether or not global warming is linked to the more intense storms, such as last year's Hurricane Katrina, the Washington Post reported Sunday.

There are two sides to the issue: either warmer temperatures linked to human activity are fueling the harsher storms or they're not. The issue remains unresolved as this year's calm hurricane season in the Atlantic to date relieves worried residents. Both sides are using identical data but they are coming up with opposing conclusions.

The climate scientists look at the underlying causes of climate variability over time while hurricane forecasters are more focused on predicting the intensity and paths of the various storms. They are focused more on factors such as wind shear and water temperatures that can cause a storm to shift; these folks emphasize a natural variability over long-term climate shifts.

The U.S. hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov. 1.

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information can not possibly be true because you didn't leave your name. LOL...

GENEVA - The atmosphere will take up to 15 years longer than previously expected to recover from pollution and repair its ozone hole over the southern hemisphere, the United Nations' weather organization said Friday.

Thinning in the ozone layer due to chemical compounds leaked from refrigerators, air conditioners and other devices exposes the Earth to harmful solar rays. Too much ultraviolet radiation can cause skin cancer and destroy tiny plants at the beginning of the food chain.

Scientists said Friday it would take until 2065, instead of 2050 as previously expected, for the ozone layer to recover and the hole over the Antarctic to close.

"The Antarctic ozone hole has not become more severe since the late 1990s, but large ozone holes are expected to occur for decades to come," ozone specialist Geir Braathen told reporters in summarizing a new report by the World Meteorological Organization and the U.N. Environment Program. The report will be released next year.

The ozone hole, a thinner-than-normal area in the upper stratosphere's radiation-absorbing gases, has formed each year since the mid-1980s at the end of the Antarctic winter in August, and generally is at its biggest in late September.

Experts said they extended the projected recovery because chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, would continue to leak into the atmosphere from air conditioners, aerosol spray cans and other equipment for years to come.

But there was cause for celebration, they said, noting a decline in CFCs in the first two atmospheric layers above Earth.

"The level of ozone-depleting substances continues to decline from its 1992-1994 peak in the troposphere and the late 1990s peak in the stratosphere," WMO secretary-general Michel Jarraud said in a statement.

Less of these chemicals are used every year, he said, after 180 countries in 1997 committed to reducing CFCs under the Montreal Protocal.

"This shows that the Montreal Protocol is effective and is working," he said.

Last year, the ozone hole reached about 10 million square miles on Sept. 20 just below its largest size in 2003 of about 11.2 million square miles, WMO experts said.

with that

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all said. how about we get back to the fu##### subject of taxidermy?

It will extend the "dog days!

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This could mean August lasts into July, which will make fishing stink.Water will hold less oxygen when warmer causing some species to die off. More algae blooms.More weeds. Fish will get that "muddy" taste and soft flesh. I will need to drink more beer to rehydrate while fishing. More boating accidents. This could amount to less business. I can't take it!

Nothing New! Been going on for a longtime!

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The earth is always in a constant state of change. What do you think they called when the ice melted after the last ice age? Probably didn't think much about it, we didn't have the media to exploit it. Besides all the university types wouldn't be able to fund themselver with grants if they didn't comeup with something.

True Mr. Sky is falling

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but should we take your word for it? Afterall we don't know who you are and for all we know you're not qualified to speak on the subject. Of course Rush Limbaugh is I'll bet. LOL

I'll take my chances with scientists over Joe Blow taxidermist.

How ya doing Mr. Spider bite

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Don't pay Cecil no mind, he's just going thru male mental pause.

Global Warming

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Why is it that right wingers insist on putting NO value on some of the scientific research regarding global warming?

If it only a bunch of crap, the results will still improve some of the pollution and such that is being emitted from vehicles and factories - especially in China and other high pollution areas.

I just don't get the mindset of scoffing at this data when it will do nothing but improve air and water quality if steps are taken to reduce emissions.

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