Any Minnesota Moose hunters out there...

Submitted by John on 8/21/06 at 3:19 PM. ( )

I got drawn for the once in a lifetime moose hunt and of course we put in for the toughest hunt we could, BWCA, 15 miles from our point of entry to where we can hunt, all in a canoe. Just wondering if anyone has hunted unit 64 and what was their success.

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area 64

This response submitted by Curt on 8/21/06 at 4:01 PM. ( )

I did a plaque mount for a guy that did the same hunt. Him and his buddy had a great time. They have lots of cool photos and I would be willing to bet he would be happy to answer any questions you might have. I know that they went on a scouting trip and buried some supplies,food ECT. They filled their tag, ate what they could and packed the rest out. One of the best photos is of him sitting in the canoe light snow falling and the moose rack sticking out over both sides of the canoe.Shoot me an email if you would like to get intouch with him.

good luck

This response submitted by Bruce Norton on 8/21/06 at 7:14 PM. ( )

In 1987, I got drawn for NW Minnesota and a co-worker and his partner were drawn for unit 64 in the BWCA. Quite a contrast in hunts. I shot my moose and we were able to drive right up to it. The landowner lifted it into the back of our truck with the bucket of his tractor and we drove to the butcher shop. On the other hand, my co-worker and his buddie had to portage their moose out. It took them 3 days to get it back to civilization. To be honest, his total experience sounded a lot neater than mine. So good luck with your hunt!


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