Mad Cow Disease

Submitted by Mr.T on 8/24/06 at 2:22 PM. ( )

How to tell if your cow has Mad Cow Disease

Your cow takes up painting and cuts off one of it's ears.
Your cow ask to be branded again, but only if you wear something sexy this time.
Your cow purposely blinds one eye with a dart and yells " Bulls eye!)
Your cow insists the Milk Duds are the result of stupid cows.
Your cow joins the Hell's Angles because it already has a cool leather jacket.
Your cow is hiding secret plans to burn down half of Chicago.
Your cow starts giving milk of Amnesia.

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i hear ya

This response submitted by - on 8/25/06 at 1:54 AM. ( )

i was a meat cutter for 9 years that stuff drove me up the wall


This response submitted by MCD on 8/25/06 at 4:57 AM. ( )

Two cows in a field, one says to the other " are you worried about this mad cows disease?" The other erplies "not me, I am a squirrel".

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