Bobcat survives - shot three times - taken by a car

Submitted by (jlt) Josh Tyree on 8/25/06 at 3:57 PM. ( )

Well this all started Wednesday morning on the way to work. It was around 6:00am and it was about 60 degrees on this morning and I saw this huge Bobcat on shoulder of road. I just passed him on up, don't want to fool with summer fur. Well I got 5 miles down the road and I was thinking, it is kinda cool this morning, so I went back. He had not been hit long and not a mark on him and the fur looked good. He had great spots. So I took him to work and triple bagged him and put in freezer. (The women here would freak out, trust me, had to kinda hide him) So I got off work and rushed home and skinned him out. (He was about 1/3 froze) But, when I started shinning him out, then I realized he was a true WARRIOR. I started at his rear legs and there was old #4 shots in him that had already completely healed and shot was black. Then up toward his front legs and shoulders old #7 or #8 shots, all healed up and shot black. But, then I got to his chest and there was a perfect hole in skin and all healed about the size of a #2 pencil. I pulled the skin back down and could find no hole in body, so I alligned hole to body and used the knife and finally found a old 22 bullet. This wound was completely healed also. He survived 3 different hunters and the car got him. Pretty sad for the old fellow. He was 31" nose to base of tail. body was 18". nose to eye 2". I am going to mount him for myself and I will post pictures when completed. He had a pretty good fur for summer. He also had lots of fat on skin. He had great spots, the cats here usually don't have good spots. I just thought the three dfferent shots made him pretty unique and thought I would share it with you guys and ladies. I have found all kinds of stuff in deer, but never cats. Oh yeah, before you start, the LEGAL PAPERS, already done. I am mounting him for myself, I would never try to sell a summer fur nor would I want to buy one. After all he has been through he deserves to go in the Trophy Room. Josh.

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Great story Josh

This response submitted by Ron on 8/25/06 at 9:55 PM. ( )

I've mounted several cats with bird shot in them, but none seam to survive those 30-06's and seven mags. LOL.

Pretty cool

This response submitted by Drew on 8/25/06 at 11:37 PM. ( )

Yeah, I have found old bullets in deer etc, but nothing like that. My buddy once trapped a coyote. He walked up to it and shot it in the head. It hit the ground then jumped up so hard he pulled out of the trap and ran away. My buddy didn't get him. Not sure where he hit it in the head, but he definitely hit him. The dog probably ran a few hundred yards and dropped dead, but he couldn't find him so who knows.

Will to live

This response submitted by mrdux on 8/26/06 at 12:34 AM. ( )

It's amazing how animals can pull thru so many bad situations.

The worst I have seen was a large 11 point buck that had been shot directly in the face by a turkey hunter I guess. I picked and dug over 20 lead #4 or 5 shot out of its muzzle, eye orbits and antler bases. I have no idea why this deer wasn't blinded by the shot. Needless to say, I had to send out a flesher blade after thinning this hide. Many of the shot had imbedded in the bone but several had not. It had to have been shot at extremely close range or with some kind of great patterning gun!

It great that the old warrior will live forever now rather than rot on the side of the road.

crow story

This response submitted by terryr on 8/26/06 at 12:50 AM. ( )

had a crow sail into the decoys and i made a clean kill - he fell head over heels all the way to the ground - i put my gun down to go get him to set him up in decoys - got about 10 feet away and he got up and flew away - i watched him fly straight away until he was just a speck in the sky -


This response submitted by (jlt) Josh Tyree on 8/26/06 at 7:57 PM. ( )

Yeah, I have found all kinds in deer. I shot a 4 point one time. (We use to could shoot 11 bucks a year, now 3 buck limit) He had a spike on one side and 3 points on other side. The spike side was only about 3" long. We were skinning him out and noticed a knot on his neck, all healed up. I started digging and almost cut my finger. There was about 2" of arrow and the broadhead. But get this, it was in his neck bone, and burried up in the neck or I guess the beginning of the spinal column. There was a huge knot around the bone and had completely healed. He must have been shot with bow when he was a button buck, the year prior. I do not see how he lived. Maybe that is why the one side just had the little spike? I still have the 3" of arrow and broadhead. Pretty tough deer. Josh.

Tough critters

This response submitted by Hogger on 8/27/06 at 5:14 AM. ( )

Shot with muzzleloader a buck that had the femur in one rear leg busted but healed and calcified. A friend shot a hog with 3 30 cal carbine projectiles stuck in his armor on the front shoulder all healed up. Shot several bucks with rifle that had birdshot in them, and once I shot a spanish goat with bow. I hit him high on the shoulder, tracked blood but never found him. Found my arrow with two fletchings missing, one red one green. 3 weeks later a friend hunted the same place, shot a goat of same description. While cleaning it he stumbles on two fletchings inside the body cavity, above the heart and lungs. One red, one green. Critter was healed up and feeding like everything was fine and dandy.

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