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The local news said that the Ford Motor Company donated 7 million dollars to the ACLU. I thought they were loosing money and sales were way off. This don't make me very happy , as a Ford owner.

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Fix or Repair Daily FOUNDATION

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They are for all kinds of gay rights, don't know why they would get into that political BS. Bought FORD my entire life at least since I could drive. I WON'T BUY ANOTHER. Just my opinion

This is not Ford Motot Co

This response submitted by Bill on 8/28/06 at 7:15 AM. ( )

This donation was not made by Ford Motor Co. This was made by the
FORD FOUNDATION. Ford Motor Co. has no control over the Foundation,or who they donate to. The Foundation was formed in 1936 and has donated to many organizations.

Pardon the spelling.please

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IN 2005

This response submitted by gina on 8/28/06 at 10:38 AM. ( )

Ford produced a new version of diesel engine for thier 250s and 350s and 450s. They pump was faulty, and many recalls were made with the customers being reimburst for the exchange and repair of over 250,000 trucks.

However, the pumps still failed and more trucks kept coming in, so Ford refused to give any kind of help to the people who just bought these faulty 50,000 dollar rigs. They would fix it, but the customer had to fork out.

Needless to say, sales dropped...

So now they are trying to get the homosexuals to help them by buying fords and trying to bring up thier PR...

Ford has really taken a bad turn...

I buy chevy, always have...


This response submitted by bothered on 8/28/06 at 4:20 PM. ( )

If you look at the jacka$$$$ that Ford hires, This is the reason you get poor product. And the union that protect the lazy is to blame.
I know several people that work LOL for Ford's and they dont give a damn about what they put out the door just that fat paycheck and Ins.


This response submitted by Rae on 8/28/06 at 5:54 PM. ( )

Ive never heard of any problems with the pumps.. Which pump is supposed to be faulty? Oil, water, fuel ?

WE drive nothing but Fords. OKay our jeep digger is a chevy but thats a tractor more so than a truck.. BUT I just have to say Ford DOES have a problem with the head bolts stretching in their new 6.0's. Mine is an 04, Hubbys first was an 05, and now his current on is an 06.
My husbands 1st truck, and his 2cd, and MINE and Hubbys Uncle's have ALL been in the shop now for head gaskets. Mine and Uncles are there now.. Hubby just got his back Monday.
Minute you start putting a load on it, the dang head gasket blows.. IF the dumb butts would do a recall and install better head bolts they wouldnt have the problem.. The head bolts stretch when they get hot and let coolant/water thru.
My husbands first truck (6.0) ended up in a law suit, Ford just settled with us 2 weeks ago..(head gasket problems) The heads were shot, cylinder was fried, etc and they wouldnt replace the engine.. Anyway long story short we finally got them to settle.
And not 2 days after the check came in the mail- MY truck blew.. IM talking white smoke rolling out the tail pipe like a grass fire, Coolant coming out the tail pipe and the engine was knocking..
Hubbys 2cd truck was already in the shop so we were having to SHARE a rental..Because the dealership wouldnt give me one...
I wouldnt recomend taking ANYTHING to the Dealership that has my truck.. They scratched my hood, broke my windshield AND there are over 1000 miles on it that were not on it when I took in it.. (Papers to document this from both tow truck driver AND Ford tech who signed my truck in) All they say is we dont know why but wont do anything about it.. ONE guy tod my husband Well maybe one of the techs drove it home.. THAT miffed me royally.. Since when is it alllowable for someone to TAKE your truck home when its there to be fixed? I mean sheesh with THAT many miles the guy must have lived in a different state.. My truck was TOWED in mind you.. they had it TWO WEEKS.. THEN they called and said the truck was done, it wasnt the head gasket (they actually said that LOL) , hubby didnt even get it home and it was blowing coolant out the exhaust.. Next day back it goes to the shop THIS time they gave me a rental car.. I have a F250 6.0 crew cab long bed.. They gave me a little POS Ford Taurus CAR.. Id like to see how IM supposed to haul feed in THAT thing..
SO now they have had my truck since the 9th of August.. Here it is the 28th... They called me this morning to tell me they were ordering heads for it.. Seems it WAS the head gasket liked we told them, and it seems my head gasket blew alright, apparently it blew because both heads cracked... Now how the heck did they not notice that?Took them almost 3 weeks to figure this out...
Anyhow there are after market studs to replace those inferioir head bolts with, and anyone who has them has said they have never had aproblem after installing them.. but Ford wont let you use them and still be under warranty... If they would get their heads out of the sand Ford sales would go back up..
Ive never heard of any problems with the pumps.. Which pump is supposed to be faulty? Oil. fuel ?
Rae <-- who is seriously mad at Ford...

This will be my last Ford...

This response submitted by Craig on 8/28/06 at 6:10 PM. ( )

that company can kiss my ass. The dealerships are shady and a bunch of liars. I had a head gasket blow on my 2000 Explorer. The dealership did the work under an API umbrella warranty and the mechanic forgot to install the oil tube and dipstick. The big spot of oil on my new garage floor will be there forever. The service manager wouldn't accept any blame for that. He did however justify the mistake by saying his engine mechanic(they only have one in this big dealership)gets sidetracked all day long jumping from one job to another and when a new engine problem comes in he is forst response to the troubleshooting. I often wonder what else this guy forgot to put in the engine, lol. Then the AC didn't work and I found dye on one of the main lines. While speaking with the service manager, he told me the Ford Motor Company probably put the dye in there when they originally filled the system. Now that's funny. The dealership did it when they did the head gasket job because they had to disconnect lines to remove the AC compressor. They were going to charge me for a seal repair and refill until I contacted the warranty company and put some pressure on them.

I'm going to invest in a Toyota for my next vehicle or maybe one of those H3s.

I have to cut this short as my Ford is once again in the shop and I have to go pick it up. It only took them 4 days to fix my antilock brake problem and then I had to take it back in because it was worse than when I started.

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