gun rack deer hooves

Submitted by blake t on 11/14/00. ( )

my 14 year old is just starting out deer hunting. i've got a cabinet shop building a gun rack (wallmounted) for xmas for his 1st shotgun. the guy at the shop said i could get some deer hooves and legs from a taxidery shop to mount on the rack 2 hold his guns. anyone know where i can get the legs/hooves. thanks

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This response submitted by Chris on 11/14/00. ( )

Try your local deer/meat processing plants. They normally have several deer hanging around.

How to cure deer legs

This response submitted by Charlotte Clark on 11/22/00. ( )


I have the deer legs that I want to use for gun racks on my wall. What I need to know is the steps or process involved to cure/presserve them myself. I need to know what chemicals I need. I know how to tan the hides, but I don't know how to preserve or cure the legs to make the gun rack. Please, any info will be greatly appreciated.

Charlotte Clark

Van Dyke's

This response submitted by newby on 11/24/00. ( )

Van Dyke's Taxidermy Supply sells the complete kit for doing this kind of project and the are only about $15.00. They come with forms, chemicals and instructions. Good luck

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