old antlers

Submitted by Scott Moore on 5/5/00. ( themoores@landmarknet.net )

I could use some advice on how to make an old set of antlers look new again. A client approached me yesterday and said he had a set of antlers that were hung up on the outside of his barn for many years. He now wants them mounted professionally, but they are dry and cracked. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to restore these? Thanks.

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Try this......

This response submitted by M W on 5/9/00. ( mwinter@greatbatch.com )

I've recently restored an old pair of weathered antlers that were taken in the 60's and hung in a barn. They were white, but not cracked. I used a series of stains including Knobloch's (Chocolate), minwax puritan pine, and 2 shades of walnut. You have to be patient and slowly build up the layers of shades by dry-brushing. It worked pretty well for me.

Weathered antlers

This response submitted by Bob S on 5/12/00. ( )

I acquired a set of antlers that had been hanging on a barn for about twenty five years. I took some fine sandpaper and lightly sanded the whole set (just enough to remove the rough feeling). I then took latex paint and painted the whole set. After that dried I stanined the antler over a period of about a week. I would apply stain lightly and then run a cloth over the same area and removed some of the stain. I did this time and time again till I got the color that I was looking for. I can't say that this is the proper or the correct procedure for any of this, but I can say that they are hanging on my wall and everyone that has seen them say they look real
(color wise). Hope any of this helps.

thanks for the help

This response submitted by Scott on 6/6/00. ( themoores@landmarknet.net )

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me or posted a response. I sort of did a combination of everybody's. They came out excellent and the guy was thrilled with the finished product. thanks again.

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