Boy did I ever miss this place

Submitted by pete on 2/6/01. ( )

Glad your back up and running.

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This response submitted by Tom on 2/6/01. ( )

Amen Brother!

Its absense . . .

This response submitted by CHUCK on 2/6/01. ( )

I was Jonesin' for a couple days,way to go Ken.Good recovery

Net Junkies!

This response submitted by Troy Peterson on 2/6/01. ( )

It's amazing how many of us are junkies to this site isn't it! It kind of keeps the taxidermy world all together. It's great to be back.


This response submitted by DON W on 2/6/01. ( PATENTAX@AOL.COM )

hey i was climbing the walls while this site was down! i even watched an xfl game! that's desperation!

Yes! I'm Addicted!

This response submitted by Steve Steinbring on 2/6/01. ( )

I kept checking the bookmark, hoping to find this site up and each time it was down, disappointment. This place kind of binds things together for all of us. Thanks Ken for all the hard work.

Glad you are back

This response submitted by BobB on 2/6/01. ( )

Welcome back, boy I bet you'll sleep well tonight. I did enjoy emails with friends made here in your absence.

Though I missed you, after watching the opening player toss on XFL, that was enough of that game (?)for me.

My sunday paper (Out of a big city) didn't even report the score of that production, they only discussed the T&A displayed and the obsence comments caught by field mics.

I'm glad, but I'm not so sure about the wife!

This response submitted by Damon on 2/6/01. ( )

...ahhh! Now I know where I'll be each night after dinner, much to my wife's chagrine! My response? Well, at least I'm home! Thanks, Ken!


This response submitted by jim on 2/6/01. ( )

I know it's been said before but I have to say it again. It is amazing how addicted we get to this forum. sure glad your back and keep up the great work. P.S. I wasn't quit that bored to watch the XFL

No S#@$%

This response submitted by Chris on 2/6/01. ( )

I thought I had a computer problem and was about to reformat my computer. YES I am a JUNKIE.

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