whiskers please!

Submitted by ED FRANKONIS on 2/6/01. ( harvesttimetaxidermy@juno.com )

Does any one know where a fellow might find whiskers for a deer mount, or can you make them out of something? I've done lost the little things. HELP!

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This response submitted by Ron on 2/6/01. ( )

I use horse tail hair it workes great!some are to coarse but even within the same tail you should find just what you need.


This response submitted by Jim L on 2/7/01. ( )

Some paint brushes have good whiskers

Road kills

This response submitted by Doug on 2/7/01. ( )

I don't know where you're located, but here in Michigan road killed deer are a common sight. When needed, I remove a supply of whiskers from road kills and put them in a ziplock bag. Can't beat the original...eh?

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