NO HOLES Tannery

Submitted by scott on 2/9/01. ( )

looking for a tannery that don't cut to many holes.
had a bad expereance on a elk hide i had sent off before.
Thanks, Scott

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Probably no such thing

This response submitted by Doug on 2/10/01. ( )

Shaving holes are a matter of which person does the work. No tannery I ever knew of guarantees "no holes." If a tannery regularly sends back capes with many holes, they need to have another look at their employees. I don't know where you are located, but I'm in Michigan and have capes done by the Wildlife Gallery in Blanchard, MI. They advertise in Breakthrough magazine. Also, I've bought quite a few tanned capes from a fellow (Lonnie Fultz) in Muscatine, Iowa and whoever does his tanning does excellent work. Post another say-so if you want any addresses.

No holes

This response submitted by Brent Gorman - Dirty Creek Taxidermy & Tannery on 2/10/01. ( )

Hello Scott,

You want no holes send me your capes.
Give me a call or email.

Brent Gorman
Dirty Creek Taxidermy & Tannery
4020 E. 133rd St. So.
Muskogee, Ok. 74403

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