Does Flex Eyes have a website?

Submitted by Jennifer on 2/7/01. ( )

I'm interested in learning about their deer eyes and was wondering if they have a website.

Thank you!

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This response submitted by Elmer on 2/9/01. ( )

Jennifer flex eyes are made for fish they don,t have any deer eyes you can get them at any supplier. I don,t know if they have a web site

They don't?

This response submitted by Jennifer on 2/12/01. ( )

I just saw an ad in Breakthrough (or Taxidermy Today, don't remember which one) that said they do offer deer eyes now... hmm...

Oh well, thanks anyway!

flexible eyes

This response submitted by shannon on 2/16/01. ( )

Jennifer, Van Dyke's makes a synchron eye capsule. I don't know if this is what your looking for or not. They say it is flexible for the perfect eye set everytime. You might want to try them. In case you don't have their number it is 1-800-843-3320 (24 hrs./day)

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