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Can someone Help me out with this
after mounting a Deerhead what can I do to make the Deers eye
Look Wet I want the Deer to look alive instead of Just Painting around the Eye it

Please e-m me with any Info on this
Thanks John

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Wet eyes

This response submitted by Eddie Boutwell on 2/10/01. ( )

I use a product sold by WASCO called LIQUID CRYSTAL. I use a very fine artist brush and dip it in the l.q. then apply it to the lower eyelid next to the eye. I tilt the mount on the mounting stand so that the l.q. flows from the front to the back, filling the inner area of the lid. Joe Coombs also has a product that is very similar called CLASSIC EYE FLUID that comes in a squeeze bottle. You can order it by calling 800-722-2327. I have not used this product.

DeeR Eyes

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Modg podg

This response submitted by eric on 2/11/01. ( )

Use a small brush and put modg podg around the edge of the eye dont get it n the eye....very little you can always add more

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