Cape hair?

Submitted by Bill Sidwell on 2/13/01. ( )

I recently purchased a tanned doe cape at a show and in some spots on the neck and brisket the hair is wildly out of control, my question is should I rehydrate this cape and will this help. I know about the hair gel and screening the hair down but I'm wondering if they are my only option. Thanks Bill

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Wet or Dry

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 2/14/01. ( )

Was this hide wet or dry tanned?

If it's a dry tan then rehydrate it. You have to do this if your going to mount it. Then check the hair. If it curls then you can use hair gel.

Wet or Dry Tanned?

This response submitted by Bill Sidwell on 2/14/01. ( )

I don't know? How can I tell if it's one or the other?

Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 2/14/01. ( )

LOL--if it's wet then its wet-tanned /if it's dry, then it's dry tanned.

OK, I know it could be dry either way.

I THINK(but I'm not positive)---

A dry tanned cape is generally a commercially tanned cape---like you'd get for a rug. the skin will be dry, but soft and flexible---like a leather jacket or fur coat.

a wet-tanned skin doesn't go through the "breaking process"

I am right about this aren't I guys?
if I'm wrong, I'm sure I'll hear about it soon.


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