Worms in skull.

Submitted by Jeff on 2/13/01. ( )

I recently euro. mounted 5 deer skulls. 3 of the deer came from one piece of property. I skinned and boiled these 3 heads 2 days after the deer were killed. The temps were about 20 degrees and I discovered worms about 1" long and as big around as a pencil in these 3 heads. There were about 10 worms per head deep inside the nasal cavity. What are these and where did they come from? The other deer didn't have them. Thanks-----Jeff

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Deer Bots or Nasal Bots

This response submitted by Chris on 2/13/01. ( )

Sounds like these are bots or larvae of flies that grow in the sinus cavities. Sometimes they will crawl or drop out of the nostrils while handling them, especially if the head is "cooling down." Horses and some other larger animals have them as well.


This response submitted by Tim on 2/14/01. ( )

Yep,these are nothing more than BOT FLY larvae.They look like maggots on steroids.Real common down here in south Texas.


This response submitted by cory on 2/20/01. ( )

Yep, we have them too, South Alabama. Kinda yellowish in color.

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