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Submitted by Jim Bianchi on 2/14/01. ( Jim_Bianchi@cguusa.com )

I've looked thru the "search" function but can't put my finger on the information. I'm headed to the local craft store in hope to get my basic paint needs for WT.

I saw that basic acrylic paints are inexpensive. Is that sufficient for the nose, lips, and eyes? What else might I need (mixer? thinner? gloss?) I'll be painting with a brush (no air brush).

Any other pro's or con's on water based vs acrylic? Thanks for any education you can provide so I can make my decision.

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USe oils, since you are headed to the craft store get oils

This response submitted by John C on 2/14/01. ( )

Acrylics are water base but thet dry fast so you need something to slow them down so you can blend. I painted with Grumbacher Acyrlics for years in high school. but will only use Windsor Newton artist oils for deer heads now.


This response submitted by Jim Bianchi on 2/15/01. ( Jim_Bianchi@cguusa.com )

Thanks John. So If I understand you correctly, I don't need anything to mix to slow down the Windsor Newton? And that artist oil paint is commonly found at a craft store? If so, I'll stay away from water based acrylics.

Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 2/15/01. ( mastertaxidermist@jam.rr.com )

Not exactly Jim,

You'll still need some type of medium to thin the paint and help blend the colors. Sallie Dahmes from WASCO had an excellent video
about painting with oils, and the same information can probably be found in the Breakthrough manuals.

good Luck

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