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Can anyone tell me if their is a section in any taxidermy manual that shows how to start with a lock stich while using single strand thread. I always knot it off while using either single or double strand.When I have to hide stiches in the facial area i can always feel the dam knot under the skin.any sugestions would be greatily appreciated.

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Use smaller thread

This response submitted by John C on 2/15/01. ( )

I use a square not that when pulled tight make a double hitch, I also use quilting thread for areas that will show, i.e. thin haired, thin skinned. I even sew those little holes I seem to cut in the nose pad lips and eye lids with it. It never shows I work it as it dries.

thanks John c.

This response submitted by carl on 2/15/01. ( ezz45 )

I'll give it a try.


This response submitted by rick on 3/2/01. ( )

why is everyone so hung up on stiching? In areas like the face where there shoudn't be much tugging if everything else fits, pull the skin together, get some fabric softener sheets and super glue them together. If it doesn't all come together, texture w/ sculpall and clay flour, and paint as a scar. simple. rwl

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