Deer with "ivories"

Submitted by Ramo on 2/21/01. ( )

I recently acquired an 8 pt. that has canine teeth. They are a lot like ivories on elk, only a lot smaller. I think I once saw something on this site that was about them, but I couldn't find it using search. I tried "deer ivory", "deer ivories", "deer canines", "deer skulls", etc. I was wondering how common deer with ivories are?

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Try "Carnivoris WhiteTails"

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/21/01. ( )

Try that "Carnivoris Whitetail" (02/09/01) question in this "Deer" category.

i have gotten 2 in now

This response submitted by deer woman on 2/22/01. ( )

I just got another of these weird whitetails in this year, and got one a bunch of years ago.This latest was taken by a young guy who I beleive hunts the same farm as where the other canined deer came from.As I recall the guy who got the first one is related to or is a family friend of the guy who got the one this year.Its a very small "tusk", looks like the ones our sikas have.I have no idea why these WT's get them, my joke is their moms went down to the eastern shore and had a one nighter with a handsome sika stag, came home, and had hybrid kids. LOL

I Have one of those "canine" deer

This response submitted by James Pritchard on 2/23/01. ( )

Those Canine teeth you are talking about comes from a long lost gene
in the deers past.I recently shot a deer that had these canines.I asked a biologist and he told me about this gene the deer had a long time ago.He told me that every once in a great while this
gene will come out and the deer will grow these.He also told me that this is very rare and getting a deer like this is like getting a B&C
buck. If you have one of these keep it! If anyone has gotten a deer like this please email me and let me know what state you harvested these deer.Mine came from the southern part of Indiana.

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