Mounted deer shot in 1906 - Need advice on selling

Submitted by Jeff Erdahl on 2/21/01. ( )

Being a complete novice on the value of taxidermy, I'm asking advice from you seasoned experts. I have a friend that wants me to sell an antique deer head on Ebay. It's a 9 pointer that was killed on New Year's Day 1906 in Northen Minnesota. It's a full head mounted on a piece of wood, with a brass plate of the name of the Taxidermist. The piece shows some aging, but is still in pretty decent condition, good enough to hang on the wall. Is Ebay my best venue to sell this and how much is it worth?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Its only worth what someone is willing to pay

This response submitted by Smitty on 2/21/01. ( )

I would start it off around $50 to see if you have any interest. Someone may see a higher value in it and want to pay more. Just remember, you don't have to sell it if your friend thinks its worth more than others do.


This response submitted by michael s. on 2/24/01. ( )

who mounted the animal? if it is someone who helped start the taxidermy revolution.. it might bring more i.e leon pray, Jonas brothers,akely etc..

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