Epo-Grip! Setting the record straight.

Submitted by Steve Steinbring/Epo-Grip Adhesives on 2/15/01. ( nsc@netrus.net )

I would like to put a few things straight here regarding a recent post by one of our anonymous posters. George Roof pays for Epo-Grip! George is the taxidermist that brought Newton Supply Company forward to make most of the new products that we have available for taxi work today. We had been supplying two products to John Reinhart for about 15 years or more. It was George who sought us out and challenged us to make performance adhesives for the industry. It was also George that first tested the new products on the first go, not knowing if they would work. Since then there have many taxidermists that have received new product to try and test. Sometimes our efforts fail miserably, and we scrap the idea. Then there are the products that succeed. There are very few taxidermists out there like George that are willing to risk things to try new products quickly. George continues to use other manufacturer's adhesives, as we don't make that type of product. Sometimes by choice, because there is no sense having two products exactly the same, when the first product is doing a good job. Could we make a waterbased product? Yes, did it, George did the test on the product! Worked well, but we are not marketing it. Why? Because Buckeye and others work well and we don't want to be "a me too company"! It is our goal to either create new products or improve existing type products. So George pays with time and a lot of effort risking mounts, consulting Newton Supply Company as to the quality of the products we make. Taxidermists have tested each of our products at least six months to a year before it is even offered to you. Yes, George is a great advocate of our products! How about if he just kept it all to himself and didn't push to improve the industry? George endorses other suppliers/mfrs. Product lines as well, if they meet his standards for ease of use and not always cost. Most taxidermy supply companies are run by taxidermists, we are not. Therefore, they have staff taxidermists on board, we do not. Our company is small and centered on supplying mostly the furniture repair industry. In a way this good for your industry as we ask a lot of questions, as to how, why, why not, and the list goes on. We are also more objective in many ways in making products, because we are not personally involved in the industry. We have learned a lot in the past two years about taxidermy, mostly because of George Roof teaching us. Needless to say George is our staff taxidermist and frankly we couldn't afford him if he weren't so generous.

Final footnote, what George says is true, if a product do not measure up he does not use it Epo-Grip or not!

Steve Steinbring/Epo-Grip Adhesives

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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 2/15/01. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

Very well said and how true. I also test some for making fish fins. It was not what was needed to make the type of fins needed for this industry. But it works great for fin backing and other areas.

Newton is not afraid to try out anything. And when they do find a great product and says it works-well it does. Keep up the good work folks. You too George. Hey do you have a big head yet LOL. (ya I love ya too)


This response submitted by Leanna on 2/15/01. ( scardeer@cornernet.com )

Nice of you to clear that up for the anonymous ones. Hopefully they will get it now. And yes I too use Epo-Grip products with much praise and wonderful outcomes. I may as well add a thanks to Steve and George for answering questions I've had about the products and for George walking me through projects. George, you tell it like it is and are not afraid to unabashedly voice your honest opinions, thats what I love about you, always willing to help anyone, even the *'s!

Steve, great products and thanks for all YOUR time as well!


This response submitted by rick on 2/15/01. ( )

yes i have used steve's glue[and liked it] mabe WASCO will ad it to thar
fine line of glues


This response submitted by Lorrie on 2/15/01. ( Lorro1969@aol.com )

I feel another croonin' comin on!

For he's a jolly good fellow,
For he's a jolly good fellow,
For he's a jolly good fellowww,

which nobody can deny!


Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 2/15/01. ( mastertaxidermist@jam.rr.com )


or maybe that was Steve,LOL (just kiddin' guys!)

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