Wet looking eyelids

Submitted by Mark C on 2/16/01. ( srceight@i2k.com )

What works well for making that wet look between the eye and eyelid, also for making those little bumps along the lid. I checked the archives but can't seem to find it.

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Try Liquatex medium

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 2/16/01. ( )

I get it from Wal-Mart. It is used to thin liquatex (sp?) acrylic paints. I put it in a syringe and it works great.

Dave Toms

Mod Podge

This response submitted by Rob on 2/16/01. ( hunt1@alltel.net )

I use mod podge for the little bumps on the eye lids and I use Super Gloss from Van Dykes for the wet look around the eye and lid junction.

Making eyes look more real with tears.

This response submitted by Michael Tolbert owner Gamehead Taxidermy Avon'Ms on 2/17/01. ( www.gameheadtxdy2000@yahoo.com )

Making eyes look like they have real tears. I use Joe Coombs Eye Fluid it's made by Life Tones,it'sthick and very easy to use.. Michael Tolbert Gamehead taxidermy Avon,Ms

Wet looking eyelids

This response submitted by Johnny B on 3/3/01. ( )

Mark, for those little bumps on the lower eyelids I use Mod Podge.Apply it with an Insulin syringe.

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