I believe I have boo-booed

Submitted by Rookie on 2/22/01. ( )

I recently was asking some other taxidermist on how to get more strectch out of my capes and it was recommended to me to neutralize the capes longer than 15 minutes. Well I took his advice and let the cape sit in the baking soda neutralizing bath for 1 hour. Afterwards, I continued with tanning the cape with liqua-tan. To make a long story short, yeah I got plenty of stretch but when mounting the critter I literally had globs of hair wanting to slip out. Needless to say, I nearly had a heart attack. I try to put my heart into every mount and want them to be the best that I can do. I somehow got the deer mounted without losing too much hair on the parts that will be showing. Question is, with the hide in that condition, could it have been from the neutralizing process and will the hair set tight once it has dried. I have not touch him since I got em together. Also will liqua-tan do the same job on this cape as on a cape with lower ph levels.

Thanks for any advice.

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sweat it

This response submitted by rob on 2/23/01. ( )

Just nutralize for around 20 minutes if you need more streach then put it in a plastic bag place in the fridge and let it sweat over night.This should give you some more streach.


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just remember to follow directions on the tanning products you use, most of them never recommend neutralizing over 30 minutes, Rob told you right, if need more stretch let the cape sweat.


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You didnt mention shaving the cape this is important to getting the full stretch. I'm not sure but I believe once the mount drys the hair should lock in and be okay. When sweting a cape this is done after the cape has been tanned then allowed to dry. When you rehydrate in a salt water solution for about 20 minutes then put the cape in a plastic bag and place in the fridge overnight.
If you have tanning questions try emailing Bruce Rittle he is very good about answering ? and I think he even has some free litarature he will send you.
Hope this helps some
P.S. Try looking in the archives I believe this has been addressed before

Thanks for all your help

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