Submitted by Randy on 2/16/01. ( rmtstufm@aol.com )

I have 2 pre-born mva fawns that I wish to mount conventionally. This will be my first attempt at this type of specimen. I have checked the archives and got some good hints but I have a few more questions. Do I need to turn and remove the ear cartilage or can they be carded in some way with good results? What is best eye for fawns? Is standard luta-f method ok? Can a dry preservative be used ( I'm concerned about longevety)? I realize I've asked enough for a book but any in-depth hints I can get would be greatly appreciated. These fawns are for ME and I want them right! Thanx a bunch, Randy.

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This response submitted by Bryan Hays on 2/16/01. ( lucky@mail.cei.net )

You do need to turn the ears like you would with any other mammal. You can use earliners or the bonded ear method. As for the eyes, young fawns have a blue/gray eye color. Tohickon has some good quality fawn eyes. Lutan-F would be fine to use. I would personally recommend using it given the choice of tan or D.P., especially if you are interested in the longevity of the mount. There's really nothing that different about fawns compared to other lifesize mammal mounts, just be sure to thoroughly clean out the hoof areas. Good luck with your mounts.

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