Antler Lamps

Submitted by Nate Archibald on 2/17/01. ( )

I have gathered a very meager amount of information concerning the process of constructing antler lamps. I am not looking to start any kind of business, but I was basically interested in starting a new hobby. Ever since I bought a couple of lamps this past winter off of Ebay, I have become addicted with the craft, yet I have gathered very little knowledge and have found no written literature on the art of constructing antler lamps or antler furniture of any kind. Correct me if I am wrong but as far as I know, once you have chosen a nice set of antlers and have figured out a design (the way they will lay together once constructed) you must bind the antlers by drilling a hole in the antler and then filling the hole with thread stock and some type of strong epoxy such as magic smooth. Then you must also drill deep holes in the antler in a zig zag pattern in order to feed the wire through the antler for the cord that connects the plug. Also, I believe you are suppose to fill those holes with some type of wood or game filler. Anyways here are my Questions: where would I get game filler? How thick should my drill bit be? What is the best epoxy? Any literature on this subject available? And what should I use to stain the antlers? Thanks, Nate Archibald

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a little help

This response submitted by Ken on 2/17/01. ( )

There doesn't seem to be any written liturature that we know of, but when we drill it seems best to use a 3/8 spade bit. That allows plenty of room for the wire. You can get sculp all which a nuetral color and can be stained. Purchase at WASCO or any taxidermy supply.

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