Submitted by carl on 2/25/01. ( )

I need some help.I just finished a whitetail mount for competition.As i began finishing the head out, I could feel that part of the seam has some roughness.The seam is tight together but, when I run my hand down it,I can feel that it is there.How can I make it presentable so the judge won't deduct,deduct,deduct!

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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 2/26/01. ( )

Take a hammer to it. Have some type blunt object like a dowel and put this on your high spots. Then just hammer the edges down. No don't worry you shouldn't have hair loss. And don't be afarid to hit it.

seam, what seam?

This response submitted by rick on 3/2/01. ( )

can't believe nay one is mounting a deerhead, ESPECIALLY a show mount w/ a seam ! Get out of the dark ages, man. Go seamless.

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