another epoxy question, this one with eyes

Submitted by Brian L. on 2/26/01. ( )

Again, I'm new to the use of epoxy, but on the last mount I did, when I did the eyes, I tucked the inner lids between the glass eye and clay, when I did that, some epoxy squeezed out a little onto the eye. So I figured I had already got it on the eye, why not try something. With a small tool, I placed epoxy between the eye skin and the glass I and positioned the skin where I wanted it. When it looked good, I cleaned the eye up with Laquer thinner. Boy , it seems to have worked well. The eye skin adhered to the glass eye itself, and did not pull away much at all. Not much of a gap to fill in with Apoxie Sculpt. Question is, does anybody do this on purpose, and if so, could you just cut the entire inner lid out and just bond the lid to the eye?

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That's What I do...

This response submitted by Darrell on 2/26/01. ( )

That's what I do. I learned from a Rhinehart video and I use their forms because they are detailed with the eyes already set. It saves having to split the eyelid. I cut to just a little behind the lid, cutting off all that inner eye tube skin and mount. I position the eye where they need to be according to the form, then after a couple of days drying, I supper glue (epxoy) them down. It works great, and I only need a couple of pins every once in a while just to make sure the skin doesn't move.

Super Glue is not Epoxy!

This response submitted by Steve Steinbring/Epo-Grip Adhesives on 2/26/01. ( )

Super Glue is not epoxy! It is cyanoacrylate a room temperature curing single component adhesive. A handy product but it does have its problems such as embrittlement after while. It also often requires an accellerator to help the reaction. Epoxy is two component adhesive which cures by combining the resin and catalyst. The epoxy joint is generally more permanent, stronger and stands up to a greater amount of chemical stresses.

Been doing it for a while

This response submitted by JEM on 2/26/01. ( )

I have been epoxying directly for a number of years now. In the past I would model the eye with Scalp All rather than clay - this was a little time consuming but the results were well worth it. Now I use VanDykes new eye sockets, I use them on McKenzie forms as well as Buckeye forms. I cut the inner eye lid right up to the edge (they say to tuck it under - I do not and have had good luck), cover the eye with clear tape, epoxy the eye socket and set. I remove the tape after sewing and final positioning but prior to the epoxy setting. Clean any from the eye with tinner and you have a good eye.


This response submitted by Darrell on 2/26/01. ( )

Brian, just some clarification for you on my above post. I didn't mean super glue as 99% of the world knows it, I meant a two part epoxy glue. I get it at my local hardware store. It has the two parts (resin & catalyst) in tubes that can be squeezed simultaneously as Steve mentions above. This works well for my mounts.

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