Need Mule Deer Wall Pedestal

Submitted by Joel McNeese on 2/19/01. ( )

I am looking for a wall pedestal for a mule deer. My measurements are 8" X 24". McKenzie does not have a mule deer close to those measurements, their largest is 21". However, there are some white tail forms that fit those measurements. Would I be able to use a WT form, and if so what changes might I have to make? If anyone knows of another supplier that might have a wall pedestal that would fit, let me know. Thanks. :-)

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This response submitted by . on 2/19/01. ( )

Jonas has 4 sizes

wall pedestal

This response submitted by mike d on 2/19/01. ( )

I've done a few of these using Research's "First Honest Whitetail"
series mannikins with change out heads for both MD and Blacktail.
They look great and mount easily.

Got both books

This response submitted by Jim T. on 2/20/01. ( )

joel I have both of those companys they talked about. Call me and we'll look them up. "T"

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