Noticeable seam on short-haired deer

Submitted by Bryan B on 2/26/01. ( )

I had a buck mounted a couple of years ago. The deer was shot in September and has short hair. Before I learned much about taxidermy I didn't really notice the seam too much. Now that I know more the seam sticks out like a sore thumb to me. I don't think other people notice it as much if at all. The mount looks great except for the seam that I see. The seam extends all the way down the back of the mount. Is there some way I can fix this seam without damaging the rest of the mount?

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This response submitted by Marc on 2/26/01. ( )

I have never had the need for it (thank God) but I've heard of others that use hair styling gel. Let us know if it really does work. In the mean time, make sure you use small tight stiches, just make sure you keep the hair out of your stiches, as this accounts for most of the mohawk look. Another thing you could try is make a recess in the form and put clay or epoxy sculpt in it where your seam is going to be before mounting. Then after you've stitched it up work your seam into the material and smooth it out. Keep at it while the mount is drying. Has worked for me in the past. Marc R

I really do know how to spell

This response submitted by Marc R on 2/26/01. ( )


seams wrong

This response submitted by cd2 red on 2/28/01. ( )

Sounds like your probably not a taxidermist, but Bryan was right if you are. If your just trying to make your own seam neater, try taking a hammer and striking the seam line till it lays down. Next put some styling gel down the seam. Run a brush down the wet seam, so the hair lays down naturally. Let it dry, and brush it again. Should work....good luck!

I didn't mount the deer

This response submitted by Bryan B on 2/28/01. ( )

I didn't mount the deer. I took it to a taxidermist before I knew much about taxidermy. At the time I didn't know that a seam could show that much on a short hair deer. Since then I have started to learn more about taxidermy and I'm currently a hobbiest. I haven't mounted a deer with short hair yet but I know that when I do I will do all I can so that it doesn't look like the one I have on my wall. I consider myself a beginner and I was looking for advice on how I could fix it myself. Thanks for the responses.

seam, what seam?

This response submitted by rick on 3/2/01. ( )

Next time take it to someone who does them seamless. And as you learn, learn seamless and not some more bad habits. For the one you have, try a 2 part epoxy (ie sculpall, etc), very wet and gooey, dab clay flour in it and then press the hair into the epoxy w/ a stiff paint brush. After it dries, brush out the unattached clay, paint anything visible, possible styling gel. Just don't learn bad habits rigt away!

Noticeable Seam

This response submitted by Charlie on 3/3/01. ( )

Use a pneumatic brad gun with 1" galv. brads. Does beautiful job and
can't even hardly tell it was ever cut.

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