kind of off the subject

Submitted by dan on 2/26/01. ( )

This may be off the subject of the usual Q&A but I thought it would be interesting to get to know some of the people on here.Where ya from?How long have you been practicing taxidermy?What is your favorite species to mount?Whats the most usefull tip you can offer a newcomer?etc.etc.

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Ill start

This response submitted by dan on 2/26/01. ( )

My name is Danny Moore and I live in Indiana.I started mounting deer about 3 yrs ago.My dad has done it as a hobby for about 10 yrs and he showed me the basics,Ive learned alot every yr about detail and finish work w/ the help of some local taxidermists,Breakthrough mag.,and now here.Ive also done a couple turkeys,a squirrel,and this weekend I am gonna do a duck.On the 10th of March I am entering my first tax. comp. W/ a head I completed this weekend.Not plannin on winnin just want to learn somthin.I find this hobby or profession,which ever you prefer to call it,very rewarding and I take alot of pride in my work.I still have alot ot learn and I appreciate all the help which you provide so Thanks.Dan

I am also from Indiana

This response submitted by Todd B on 2/26/01. ( )

I live in central Indiana. I have done taxidermy since I was 13 years old.
I am now 31 years old. I am a part timer though.Though I can do most anything
I am by no means a master. I have done quite well with fish which
happen to be my favorite thing to do. I am beginning to like birds
pretty well but I need a bit more practice. The most useful tip I would suggest is
join your state association. Yoy will learn alot and make some friends.

Todd B

My turn

This response submitted by Art on 2/26/01. ( )

My name is Art, I've been in taxidermy for about 5 years.
I've been in business for three years. I too am a part-timer and my favorite
mounts are birds. This year I won best of category for a strutting turkey at the Ohio
State Show I will be attending the World Show in April and entering a
Common Goldeneye. Wish me luck.

Next up...

This response submitted by Darrell Walker on 2/27/01. ( )

Hi, I'm Darrell in Tomball, Texas. I practiced taxidermy from age 15-19 from the ol' Northwestern School of Taxidermy, and now getting back into it again at age 35. I have done 5 deer shoulder mounts, a couple of squirrels, couple of ducks, couple of bass, and several antler mounts (starting on my first boar head this weekend...). I'm still at the hobby level, but I find taxidermy to be relaxing from the stress of my daytime job (computer consultant). My 11 year old son is showing an interest in taxidermy as well, so I also look at it to be a way to spend more time with him. I'm finding this forum to be very informative. Thanks to all who answer our (the beginners) questions, even if we have asked the same question several times.

Great Site!

This response submitted by Terry Fuller on 2/27/01. ( )

I am an elementary teacher/wanna-be writer/wanna-be taxidermist from central Kansas. Started fiddling with taxidermy a few years ago as an outlet for pent-up artistic energy. I really like this site- it has just about anything someone could want to know. It's obvious by the responses that there's a lot of quality people in the business. I am particularly impressed with the individuals that consistently can differ with someone else's opinion, offer up their own, and do it in a respectful (and, depending on the individual, direct) fashion. I never was much on the internet, but now that I've found this site, my wife rolls her eyes every time I head to the computer. Thanks to everyone that offers up such great advice to those of us starting out!

I'm from Kansas too

This response submitted by jim soverns on 2/27/01. ( )

I'm from a little 3 dog town called walcott where I grew up hunting with my grampa I been foolin with taxidermy for a couple of years simply for the love of it a man needs something like that. Now I live in Shenandoah Iowa and mount the deers and coons of friends and all the roadkills I can find..and I'm usually prowling through the archives looking tricks of the trade.....but theres a lot of funny stuff there too I only been hanging out here for about a month but I'm addicted........Later

Texas response

This response submitted by Barry Buras on 2/27/01. ( )

I'm from Dayton,Tx and have been doing taxidermy for about twenty years as a part time business. I enjoy all phases of taxidermy and especially enjoy our state convention and competition. Bets tip. Reference,Reference,Reference


This response submitted by Chris on 2/28/01. ( )

I am from central Indiana on the Ohio border. Been mounting deer for about 4 years. I am also a part timer.


This response submitted by Cory Smith on 2/28/01. ( )

I started while attending Auburn University. You know , rather do that than to study. I've been at it so about 10 yrs. now about all I do is deer. Will occasionally do a bobcat or a gar
but mostly deer , anywhere from 35-60 deer a yr. it MY turn already?

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/3/01. ( )

Im a full-timer, from NY state. I started in 74 or 75. Im envious of you guys who do it part time with regular jobs besides. I enjoy the state conventions, where I have learned a great deal. My oldest boy is just starting to get interested in taking these animals apart. Sure wish I could have him ready for deer season!


This response submitted by Greg on 3/4/01. ( )

I'm Greg. I live about ten miles away from the Crown Plaza in
Springfield. I have been doing taxidermy work for the past four
years as a part-timer. I hope to eventually go full-time. I
have done everything from deer to fish, but would like to focus
my efforts on small mammals. Hope to see you at the show in April.

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