eppley earliners

Submitted by Dave Toms on 2/19/01. ( dtkt@initco.net )

silly question, but here it goes: For competition work, how do you guys fiinish the inner ear detail. I have a few ideas but just wanted to see what some of you do. Last time I looked there was a lot of fine hair on some of the smalll nobes? Thanks

Dave Toms

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Good Question!

This response submitted by Mike R on 2/20/01. ( rohanna@greenepa.net )

Good question Dave, I was going to post one similar until I saw yours! I hope some of the veteran competitors give some input soon.

Try this

This response submitted by JEM on 2/20/01. ( )

try applying a thin layer of 5 minute epoxy or super glue then apply cotton. After epoxy dries pull off the cotton until the right amount remains, color to meet your referance.

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