Household products replacing "Whitetail Shoulder Mount kit"

Submitted by Claude on 2/20/01. ( )

I am having great success with my WASCO Whitetail Deer Shoulder Mount Kit, but it is starting to get a little troublesome and costly to buy a kit everytime I want to mount a deer. I am ready to remove my training wheels.

Can anyone suggest alternatives for the following or know where to buy in bulk (cheap):

-Skin Prep (mild degreasing detergent for cleaning skin)
-Dry Preservative
-Mache (for rebuilding the skull plate)
-Hide Paste Mix (to glue the skin to the mannikin)
-Polytranspar Fin Backing Cream (to prime the mannikin)
-Ear Base (to rebuild the ear butt muscles)
-Clay (for setting eyes and sculpting eyelids)
-Sal Soda (for boiling the antler plate to clean it)

Surely I can replace some of the above with simple inexpensive household products. Any help greatly appreciated.

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larger quantities

This response submitted by jesseh on 2/20/01. ( )

claude, to answer your question there are substitutes for some of the items listed on your list,however, the items in the kit are the necessities for mounting deer but i feel are packaged for beginners on there first time mounting a deer. my answer to your question would be that if you have made the decision to continue mounting deer to buy these items in larger quantities from the supplier instead of in a kit were you only get approximately what you need for one job.also,since WASCO maintains this sight i dont think it would be in anyones best interest to supply a list of items to replace there beginners kit.


This response submitted by Chris on 2/20/01. ( )

Dry Pres.=Borax, Grocery store(laundry section)
Degreaser=Dawn/lysole dish soap, Grocery store
Hide Paste=Bondo or carpet glue, Auto parts/Hardware store
Ear Base=Clay, Craft store
Ear liner=Bondo, Auto parts store
Eye setting=Clay, Craft store
Sal Soda=Sal Soda, Grocery store

When I first started I used the above listed items. That was 10 years ago and that mount still looks good. If I had access to a Kit I would have bought one. Do yourself a favor and buy a kit. Most come with step by step directions which you cant buy at any local store.

Careful when substituting products

This response submitted by John C on 2/21/01. ( )

Borax is not the only chemical in D.P.

Lysol will now cause slippage because it nolonger contains phenol/carbolic acid.

EPO-GRIP is a very good sub for the hide paste, but why sub things?

Sal-soda, hum do you know what sal-soda is? Try POWDERED LAUNDRY SOAP.

Bondo is pretty much bondo no mater how you go.

I dont think you are going to save much money, the better producys are not available locally.

But since you are finding things to use in plance of known working products, why not Skull, tow or jute or excelsor and plaster, 2 X 4's instead of a form.

This is the way I look at taxidermy for beginners,

"When you cannot afford the simple things in this business, you have no business doing taxidermy."

I washed cars for extra bucks, when I first started and hell I was married then.

There is lots of things you can replace in this industry, but you cannot replace the knowledge from using the correct products first.

Great thoughts

This response submitted by Claude on 2/21/01. ( )

Thanks for everyone's thoughts! I will look into the matter more carefully.

Get off your soap box!

This response submitted by Cary Troxell on 2/22/01. ( )


Go back and read what you just wrote, so the guy is a little short on cash.....does that mean he can't play around with taxidermy? Heck, my first deer i did was put together with elmers glue and borax....still proudly hangs in the family hunting cabin 17 years later! Yep, he won't make a million dollars off of these deer like we have....but maybe he ain't looking to........I know what you were "trying" to say...but lets get off our soap box every now and then and help someone struggling along......he may not be going at it the right way....but at least he is trying to do something he can get some enjoyment out of..............nuff said


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