Slack skin

Submitted by Doug on 3/2/01. ( )

I just mounted a buck, and had a problem that I've had many times before. There was a LOT of slack skin in front of the ear bases toward the antler burr and the rear of the eye. I think I know the source(s) of the problem, but I'd like some input. First, I think I set the antlers too low. I always measure the distance between the pedicle and the eye socket( it's almost always 1 3/4") and saw off the skull plate accordingly. I think that antlers set too low would cause slack skin in front of the ear. Also, I think the ears were set too far forward. I used McKenzie natra-look earliners, and I always set them with the rear of the butt flush with the back of the head. The mannikins are made for that. Still, I think these ears were too far forward. I've had this problem so bad before that the skin actually folded under the front of the ear butt. Now that's a nice place to hide a pile of extra skin, but the great big dark crease in front of the ear butt don't look good at all! I use a dental pick to pull the skin out from under the butt, and it's a lot to try to deal with. Slide some forward, press it down, etc. Is there some explanation for this problem? I never had this problem with bondo ears, but I do prefer liners.
Thanks for any

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Me too, But figured it out

This response submitted by Dan K on 3/2/01. ( )

Same problem here, but I figured out that I was not building up the back of the skull enough. Put more clay (or whatever) on the back of the head on top before it drops off down the neck and the problem will magically disappear. Provided the ears and antlers are in the correct place. Hope it works for you too.
Dan K

Just think

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 3/2/01. ( )

A hide that is properlly shaved down does what? It stretches. So far so good. Now think a deer (look at reference) will have many rolls when he brings his ear foward. Thats natural.

Now put those two things together and you will find that you have more hide than you need right. Well You should put some rolls back into the ear. This will take up some of the slack. Next you need to do what is call taxi the skin. You need to place the skin where it goes and check in the morning and evening to place the skin back( push the skin closer together. Not so that it bunches up but just before it does that. It will shrink back and you problem will leave you. This takes place during the drying process.

slack skin

This response submitted by John W. on 3/3/01. ( )

Guys, Franks right on the money. I always have quite a bit of slack in the face.The last buck I did had so much slack in the face that my wife almost had a heart attack when she seen it, but I told her wait til tomorrow and see what happens.The next day most of the skin was in place and on the second day all the slack had vanished.

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