mounting whitetail deer without using ear liners

Submitted by BRADY SUTHERLAND on 3/3/01. ( )

Hi, my name is Brady Sutherland. I am trying to become a self taught taxidermist. I've got the basics down but have a few questions. I was visiting my local taxidermist a while back and asked a few questions. He was reluctant to answer alot of them. I asked him if he used pre-fab ear liners? He replied, I dont use ear liners. When I asked what he used he would'nt say. I guess he thinks I might steel won of his secrets. Any how, he said he learned how to bypass the use of ear liners from a taxidermist that won a national championship last year. My question is, does anybody know how to mount deer without using ear liners? THANKS, BRADY SUTHERLAND

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This response submitted by Dave at VanDyke's Supply Co. on 3/3/01. ( )

Hello Brady,
Many out there will use Bondo in the ears instead of using ear liners.
I personally prefer the use of an ear liner vrs. a Bondo ear. Mainly because I've neverbeen able to achieve a thin enough ear with bondo or been able to get it smooth enough (without lumps)ear. Sometimes, if you add too much catalis to the Bondo, it'll realy heat up, and distort the shape of the ear. But thats just me. I never got proficent at it.There are those out there that have mastered this method. I'm not one of them. I prefer the shape that an earliner will produces as well as the thinness it offers.
If removing the cartiladge is intimidating you, doont let it. Its not that hard to do.McKennzie also offer's a new earliner that you can use with out ever having to remove the cartilidge and has developed a ear glue that will bond to the liner and the cartilidge without comprimising the thinness of the ear.
If you need further help, feel free to call me at (1-800)843-3320 ext.105 or e-mail me at this address.

Have a great day and dont get discouraged.

Brady, take my advice

This response submitted by jeff on 3/3/01. ( )

Brady, Dave gave you some great advice and I agree with him. However after spending 20+ years in this business and starting where I think you are right now here is my advice. You are hungry to learn and really are'nt sure where to find all the answers.Find information on your State Association. Join and attend the shows. Also, if possible, attend some national and world shows. DON'T BE INTIMIDATED! Go to learn . People there that have the knowledge and experience will give you more help than you can imagine. 20+ years ago I attendened my first State association meeting and I was scared to death because I was new at this. I found people who were willing to talk to me and give me advice. Because of that start I have a successfull business!
Best of luck. Jeff

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