Big ear notch

Submitted by Doug on 3/3/01. ( )

I bought a cape that had one big notch (1/2" wide and 1" long) on the outside edge of one ear.(Cape was advertised as "perfect.") I did my homework in the archives, and B.Y. suggested opening it all the way out, fitting in a trimmed earliner, and using 5 minute epoxy to glue the notch skin to the earliner. That post was 2 1/2 years ago. Just checking to see if any revisions are in order before I have at it.
PS. Anyone know of a cape vendor whose capes ARE as advertised? This one was advertised as 24".....turned out to be 19".

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This response submitted by Jeff on 3/3/01. ( )

That will work just fine. I just finished a similiar one with a big V and I just trimmed the liner to fit perfect and glued it in. Use a product like magic smooth or epo-grip(I haven't tried this one yet). And I'm sure you will be pleased with your results. Just be careful splitting to the edge of the V.
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This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/3/01. ( )

Thanks for trying the archives, I hope it worked for you. Yes, two years later its still good advice. Ive been doing this for many years, and have used many adhesives. I get a customer now and then who mentions that an old mount popped a split ear repair, so I dont use super glues or thier equivalent anymore, regardless of what others have luck with. Id say EpoGrip is going to be tough to beat...thats what Im using still.

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