Aliens attack taxidermist

Submitted by Jim Bianchi on 3/12/01. ( )

Well, I had to be sure to get all of your attention so I could THANK all who have taken time to help me- you know who you are. I mounted my first WT over the weekend and it went surprisingly well! I could not have done it without you.

Now for a follow up question:
I'm following Sallie's A to Z video on finishing. She uses a "Silicoil" jar. But I don't know what cleaner/thiner solution she used in the jar to blend the paints. I called my local craft store and they only carried "Oil Brush Cleaner", by "E-Z Air". Is that a mixer or only a cleaner to store your brushes?(I'll be brush painting Windsor Newton and she often used a brush with only mixer on it to blend two colors). Is there different cleaner/medium I should use?

Lastly, is there a specific sylicone spray which is carried by craft stores to get the wet look of the nose after the Mod Podge? She used "Wet Look nose Sealer". Thanks again.

P.S. Is 2 days enough to card using ear liners?

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Hey ET

This response submitted by Bill Gaither on 3/12/01. ( )

I haven't mounted a whitetail in several years, since I spend all my time painting and sculpting wildlife......

I still do one now and then for friends and family. I use Windsor-Newton Alykyd paints since the allow more time for blending, have an excellent (AAA) color fastness, and can be used with turpentine substitutes or mineral sprits or most thinners. The petro-base thinners don't "wet" a dry surface. The mixing and blending of these colors is easy. After painting the nose, I coat with thin application of W/N "Liquin" after that dries, I use a variety of high gloss over coat materials in touch amounts to give the illusion that the gloss is from micro droplets, rather than goo.

I don't like to use the modge podges of the world...They are just re-packaged commercial products that can be bought from source makers at from half to less than ten percent of the price craft and art stores charge. For instance, I use a lot of moulage and alginate....I buy my alginates through my hunting partner, a dentist. His case price is about 60 percent of Van Dykes asking price. The dental compound is probably edible, germ free, and smells like peppermint....It comes in one pound cans, packed ten or twelve to a carton......

I have spent forty years finding cheap sources for common art and taxidermy materials would write a book about it if I wasn't so lazy.

Mod podge, walmart craft section.

This response submitted by John C on 3/13/01. ( )

The silicoil comes with some cleaner, a little goes a long way. Still have mine form 1985, I have used mineral spirits also, Laq. thinner will also work with artist oils.

For Bill what he does is fine, for many, many smal shops it is very time consuming to try to find the main supplier of some things. For the average small shop, I would go straight to the supplier, save time and time is money.

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