Submitted by Ron on 3/12/01. ( )

Who sells epo-glue? I'm not having much luck with killer-glue.I'm
was using lock-tight and I want a glue that is as good as lock-tight,
any suggestions?

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Epo-Grip Adhesives

This response submitted by Steve Steinbring on 3/12/01. ( nsc@netrus.net )


You can purchase Epo-Grip Adhesives from us direct at 800-888-2467, or from Rinehart Taxidermy Supply they carry the full line.


This response submitted by Ron on 3/12/01. ( )

Thanks for your help!

why not?

This response submitted by Eric Kibler on 3/13/01. ( EricKT39@aol.com )

What problems are you having with killer glue? I have been using it for 2 years on all of my whitetail mounts, even used it in 1999 in the Masters division at the World show and had no drumming anywhere! I have been incredibly impressed with its holding power. What is your problem maybe I could help?

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