Hairy chins & faces

Submitted by Rainey, Doug on 3/12/01. ( )

When thinning my deer capes for mounting, I always manage to loose a lot of facial hairs on the nose, eye area and chin. I've tried light fleshing and salting, drying, pickling and then thinning and you name it, most of the hair is still lost. Someone said use a razor blade so that you don't drag the hair out of the follicle. Tried that. I try to stay away from the hair follicles, but then the skin isn't thin enough for good detail. I use the formic acid pickle with Liqua tan. I'm stumped, HELP!

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Its a fact you are going to loose hair on each and every

This response submitted by John C on 3/12/01. ( )

Cape. Dont worry much about it for your commercial deer. For a show yes. Thin it down using a skife knife.

try this

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/12/01. ( )

When you neutralize the pickle and get the swell, THEN shave that area, and go between the follicles instead of cutting across them. You shave off the swell, and then when it starts to dry its much thinner, but you do need to get the tissue out from between the follicles.

wire wheel

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 3/14/01. ( )

I use a very small wire wheel or a drum sander on my dremel tool. I also resand it after tanning.

Dave Toms

Great Idea

This response submitted by Doug Rainey on 3/14/01. ( )

Thanks to Bill Yox. That just may work! Not sure about how to get between those follicles, especially around the eyes. I will take my razor blade and work around as much as possible. I try to do all mounts as professional as possible. The eye lashes and chin hairs are what really give deer character. Seems like the salting would tighten up the hair in the follicile, but they still seem to fall out, even dragging the hide over the fleshing beam. I appreciate you willingness to share information. Hope to see you in Springfield next month.

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