Submitted by Lance on 3/5/01. ( )

Can someone help me in a repair job that was of my own making?
I was shaving a cape on my NEW capemaster and cut a hole about the size of a half dollar about 6 inches up from the brisket. I need to know the best repair for this is in a very noticable area. Please help!
Thanks Guy's N Gals !

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Everytime I sharpen my blade...

This response submitted by Teresa on 3/5/01. ( wawaseetaxidermy@kconline.com )

I seem to put at least one hole in the next cape. Here's how I fix it: Elongate the hole to appear football shaped going with the direction of the hair. Sew it together from the hide side using small baseball stitches (I use fishing line if its in the brisket or on an early season cape) sewing in the direction the hair will lay. Make sure that you keep the hair out of your seam. When mounted, I tack any stitch bumps that I can feel with brads. This is the best way I have found and it's impossible to see when mount dries. Also if needed I use hair-shine to make sure the hair is laying properly.

Hope it helps..


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