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Hi, my name is Brady sutherland. What I would like to know., is the any educational material that you might know about that would teach me how to mount deer withou ear liners? Thanks, Brady Sutherland

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Sallie Dahmes whitetail A-Z video covers the bonded ear method

Sallie Dahmes A-Z videos

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I have seen Sallie's A-Z whitetail video. In it she covers skining,tanning and mounting a whitetail deer with the bondo ear method. Hope this helps. I would learn how to properly use ear liners as well as the bondo method, so you can choose whats best for you. I personally would use earliners with epoxy.

Take my advise

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Brandy I think I have read your post for the past couple of days regarding the work on ears. Take my advise, its worth the time to learn how to use the earliners rather than bondo. From what I read I think you may be a little intimidated by using them. Don't worry we all have been intimidated at one time or another. The bondo method works but takes alot of time to master. I know there are many of taxidermist out there that use it but very few out there that are "good" at it. Ben Mears is a friend of mine and is an avid Bondo method user and produces what I call perfect ears. He uses it for the fact that he can replace exactly what was in the ear itself. Whereas earlines come in a basic size and must be cut to fit. Anyway I have tried the bondo method and found that earlines are much easier when you learn how to use them. By this I mean removing the cartilage, cleaning the ear, trimming the earliner, etc. Once learned I think you will agree. Any questions just e-mail and I will try to give more help.

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