who has a grooming doe form 6 1/4 x 15

Submitted by mark rieth on 3/14/01. ( mrieth@one.net or markrieth@yahoo )

I moved from ohio to texas two weeks ago. I am going back to ohio for a few days and need to mount a doe for someone in indiana. The doe cape is commercial tanned and ready for me to rehydrate, but I can not find a form that is grooming its shoulder in a doe. Please help.

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use an upright and turn the form

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 3/14/01. ( )

sounds complicated but it is not all that hard. Make lots of wedge cuts and glue them in backwards, refoam and sand. I think there was an article in Breakthrough about the sleeping giant which showed this? If not Calvin Farner at one time had a video which showed the very basics and you can go from there.

Dave Toms

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