Joe Meder deer eyes

Submitted by dj on 3/14/01. ( )

I just received a set of the meder deer eyes that i am going to use in a competition mount and was wondering if the membrane on the eye when it comes is supposed to take the place of the nicitating membrane or if I should still use the plastic n.m. Thanks for the reply. DJ

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add membrane

This response submitted by carmen on 3/14/01. ( )

DJ,You have to add the membrane.Meder eyes do not come with n.m.If you want eyes with the n.m. attached, you have to buy Joe Coombs eyes.

True Eyes

This response submitted by Rob on 3/15/01. ( )

Bought 3 sets of Joe Meder eyes to try. They are good eyes but not worth the money. Brad Eppley " True Eyes " are by far a better quality eye all the way around ( in my opinion ), and are only half the price.

Meder Eyes?

This response submitted by George on 3/15/01. ( )

You didn't get Joe Meder eyes, obviously. Meder's eye doesn't have the nictitating membrane. Sounds as if you bought the Coombs eye and a good reference picture will tell you very quickly how they fit.

And Rob, Brad's eyes are probably the most anatomically correct eyes on the market, but not everyone feels comfortable working with sharp things around plastic. Certainly, price should never be a deciding factor, but when combined with a great product, it can't hurt.

yes, they are meders

This response submitted by dj on 3/15/01. ( )

Yes, they are meder eyes and if you have ever seen them they have a dark brownish ring around the eye and I wasn't sure of the purpose. I thought they may be trying something new with the new eye. I am not a beginner and know what types of eyes I buy. Not Coombs. I was looking for a yes or no answer with a little explanation. I am sorry but it upsets me when you ask a question on here and a lot of people insult you by suggesting you don't know what your doing. I asked a question about an eye that I had bought and chose meders eyes for a reason. I am not interested in switching eyes, just interested in an answer to my question. THANKS CARMEN....YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT ACTUALLY ANSWERED MY QUESTION AND I DO APPRECIATE IT. oh yeah....I know i upset people so I don't expect anymore answers ...thanks

you da man

This response submitted by fed up on 3/15/01. ( )

you tell em dj! not everyone on here is a beginner and few of us need to hear how the products we choose to use are wrong.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/15/01. ( )

Settle down, pull them shorts back outta your crack, and hear me out. Those guys all DID answer you correctly, based on what you said. See, when the coombs eye with a membrane attached first came out, many referred to them as Meder eyes. So, when you described those, they answered you based on that. The ring you speak of, if those are Meder eyes, is PROBABLY the limbus band, the margin between the iris and the sclera. I thought you said you werent a beginner? (joking!) Go ahead and have a chuckle over it, its an honest mistake, guys...

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