white buck,up state ny taxidermist

Submitted by a1taxiderm@aol.com on 3/15/01. ( )

this one is for all you upstate ny taxidermist , i am doing this white buck that came from seneca army depot and i am looking for a picture or nose color. if any of you could e mail me a picture could really help me out thank you , morris

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This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/15/01. ( )

Try to find me a cape from there, pal. Try grey/pink combo on the buck. Its not an albino, right? You have one with dark eyes? Id go with that grey with pink, thats how I do them when they get out here.

blue eyes

This response submitted by Nick Christiantelli on 3/26/01. ( Northerncross00@hotmail.com )

I live in central N.Y. and have mounted several white deer mostly from the Seneca Depot. After studying many white deer I have found out info that you should know. The eyes are a blueishgray color. The only eye company that produces these eyes is Tohickon.You may find other eye companies that make them ,I haven't. They are a special order eye. Hope this helps you.


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